Ways to Enhance Gift Card Sales and Increase Your Profit

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Enhance Gift Card Sales

You’re only as good as your most recent sale. That is why any small business’s main objective is to attract and keep consumers. Keep reading to know ways to enhance gift card sales and increase your profit.

Implementing a gift card program accomplishes this by killing two birds with one stone: boosting sales and increasing client loyalty.

Do you sell gift cards to your customers at your small business? If not, it should be.

Gift cards generated $160 billion in sales in 2018, according to Gartner.

Small company owners may be the biggest winners as gift cards become increasingly popular. This is because the card’s worth converts into assured and higher revenues for the company.

If you don’t have a gift card program, you could be missing out on a simple way to attract clients and increase transaction sales. I Codes Wholesale is a gateway to change your business and drive customers to your website or store.

Here are some ideas for improving your gift card marketing:

1. Create a Marketing Campaign

You must make your gift cards visible and promote them through all marketing channels if you want your clients to know about them. A marketing campaign is an excellent way to prominently display gift cards in stores, on gift card kiosks, on websites, and on apps.


Make it simple for customers to see gift cards in your store. It might be as simple as posting posters at your checkout counter or in high-traffic areas of your store that say “Ask about our gift card promo” or “Give the perfect gift card.”


Offering e-gift cards has become necessary for any merchant who wants a piece of that rising pie as busy customers increasingly look for ways to send immediate gifts electronically.

Customers don’t even need to visit your store to get e-gift cards; they can go to your website and make a purchase. It’s your job to make things simple for them.

Enhance Gift Card Sales

Other techniques to increase e-gift card sales on your website include:

  • Create Pop-up Boxes or Banners

When your consumers seek gift card choices before important occasions like Christmas or Mother’s Day, they might be extremely useful.

  • Leverage Your Email Marketing List

Before any major holidays, send out a gift card-focused offer.

  • Promote Your Cards on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are fantastic platforms for increasing the awareness of your gift card business. They can assist you in reaching out to potential clients who aren’t currently on your radar.

  • Consider Targeted Advertising

Advertisements on social media sites like Facebook can be targeted to specific locations or demographics.

2. Offer Buy-One-Get-One-Free Promotions

It takes more than merely educating clients about gift cards to increase sales. You must use promos to present a compelling reason.

You can achieve this by giving your customer a free gift card when they buy a certain amount of gift cards.

3. Sell Specialized Gift Cards for Special Occasions

Small businesses would be crazy to pass up the potential to increase sales by offering holiday-themed and occasion-specific gift cards.

Next Steps

Small businesses can compete effectively by using gift cards. If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the gift card bandwagon. Gift cards aren’t exclusively for big-name retailers. Gift cards have shown that they can be successful for small businesses by employing various long-term marketing methods.

Want to start your gift card program today?

You should start with I Codes Wholesale if you haven’t already. Our history will give you a better picture of what our business has to offer, and together we can prepare a shortlist of the finest program for you. I Codes Wholesale will help you enhance gift card sales and increase your profit.


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