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  • The offers and sales performed via the ICW  site are made between particular business owners and users while ICW  only facilitates such transactions by means of establishing and maintaining the Site’s functionalities and provides certain additional services to the Users aimed at improving safety, speed, and certainty of the transactions:
    • this document defines legal (contractual) relations between ICW  and users and between ICW  and business owners with ICW  acting as an administrator (middle man) of the site and sales conducted between business owners and users.
    • this document does not define legal (contractual) relations or terms and conditions between Users and Selling Users and between Users and Sellers.
  • The Seller must respond to all tickets within 48 hours. All communication must be through the ticket system provided by ICW. Sending personal information like name, email, or phone number is prohibited.
  • If other currencies are to be applied, changes will be communicated. The User and the Seller are solely responsible for paying fees and taxes relating to his/her use of the services available on the Site on time. The User and the Seller are particularly responsible for paying due taxes, fees or other due amounts required in connection to the agreements concluded via the Site on their own. ICW  in any case is not responsible for settling the above fees and taxes. If a certain payment method shall fail or an invoice is overdue, ICW  reserves its right to demand payment by way of another method of payment including all possible additional costs of such method.
  • Any User (or Seller) demanding settlement through one of the payment systems agrees thereby for the payment to be made through sites covering the payment systems and states that he/she has read and accepted the terms and conditions available on such websites. To the extent permitted by law, ICW  shall not be liable against the Users (or Sellers) for any problems related to payments for which the owners of such sites are responsible, in particular for any delays in processing payments or inability to process them for technical reasons. In such a case, the User/Seller shall contact the applicable operator of the payment site in accordance with that site’s terms and conditions. If the payment has not been accepted due to ICW  fault, the User shall inform ICW  thereof by sending an e-mail to the address.
  • The User and the Seller assert that he/she shall pay for any products and services offered on the Site with the use of funds coming from legal sources.
  • The User asserts that he/she is not a VAT taxpayer. When the User becomes or already is the VAT taxpayer, he/she is obliged to provide all the data required to issue a VAT invoice. Such an invoice may be sent to the User’s email address or delivered with other electronic means.
  • The Sellers/Selling Users agree and acknowledge that:
    • They are the seller and supplier of the products and this fact will also be clearly defined in their contractual arrangements with the Users as well as the relevant invoice, bill, or sales receipt
    • they will set the general terms and conditions of the sales made to the Users
    • they will authorize the relevant charge to the Users and the delivery of the products
    • they are solely responsible for paying Value Added Tax – VAT or similar tax liabilities in compliance with the applicable laws resulting from the sales of the products to Users made through the Site.
  • The User is aware and hereby acknowledges that placing an order connected with the purchase of the digital content, especially game activation codes, from the Seller or the Selling User via the Site may entail an obligation to pay provided that a will to conclude a contract and to charge the User is expressed by the Seller or the Selling User in accordance.
  • The User is obliged to prohibit on abuse of electronic means of communication and to provide the following content to ICW IT systems:
    • causing work disturbance or overloading of IT systems
    • incompatible with universally applicable law
    • violating third party rights, including copyright, intellectual property rights, or personal rights
    • provide unlawful content


Obligations of the Seller and the Selling User

  • Every Seller and every Selling User warrant and acknowledges that:
    • has the full capacity and right to accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy, to grant licenses and authorizations, and assume such obligations
    • by accepting these Terms and Conditions and by placing any services or products on the Site or selling it on the Site he/she confirms and asserts that such services or products are legally purchased and/or obtained and originate from legal sources, are free from any defects (both legal and physical) and any third party rights and claims and that the Seller and the Selling User are entitled to place and sell such products or services, especially by way of copyrights possession, and that it has all the necessary licenses, rights, permits and consents to their use, distribution, posting, publication, sale, etc., in particular the right to sale through the Internet, online system, as well as that the rights are not limited in any way
    • the products and services offered by them through the Site (a) do not violate any third-party rights, including copyrights, trademarks, patent rights, trade secrets, privacy rights, image rights, or any other ownership rights or intellectual property rights, and (b) do not slander, defame, backbite, nor insult any persons nor entities and they do not violate their rights, including privacy rights, image rights, nor any personality rights
    • commits to use the Site and its functionalities in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the law in force, rules of social conduct, and good practices
    • they will not engage in any activity detrimental to the good name and reputation of ICW, which may have a negative effect on the Site or the product and services sold via the Site
    • they will not take any actions violating the law in force, contrary to good practices, rules of social conduct nor detrimental in any way to ICW interests
    • they will not use the Site for any money laundering related activities nor for any actions providing to ICW the risk of being accused of using the Site for money laundering purposes
    • will not use the Site to resell products that were acquired free of charge or with a discount connected with a charity event or supporting such an event
    • will not use more than one account for selling or buying; will not use a VPN connection unless it is necessary to run a registered business
  • The Seller and the Selling User are obliged to provide information or documents concerning their business, company, or products/services at the first request of ICW. Each Seller and each Selling User represents, warrants, acknowledges and takes full responsibility that:
    • the information and documents submitted during the registration process or further use of the Site is true, accurate, valid, and complete
    • they will immediately report all changes to the documents accordingly in order to keep them true, valid, and complete
  • Furthermore, each Seller and each Selling User warrants acknowledge and are responsible for the fact that the property on sale that they submit, present, and publish through the Site will fulfill the following conditions:
    • will be genuine, appropriate, complete, and lawful
    • will not be false, deceitful, or unreliable
    • will not contain information that is libelous, threatening, harassing, obscene, controversial, offensive, explicit, or discriminatory to any minority
    • will not violate the Password Policy, Terms, and Conditions, or the Privacy and Cookies Policy
    • will not infringe any applicable laws or regulations (including but not limited to regulations regarding export control, protection of consumer rights, unfair competition, or fraudulent advertising) or promote any behavior that might infringe or violate any applicable laws or legal provisions
    • does not link, to any website(s) that might contain content infringing the above
  • Furthermore, each Seller and each Selling User assume responsibility, warrants, and acknowledge that they:
    • will take all actions when visiting the Sites in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
    • will deal with other Site Users properly and in good faith
    • will take all actions in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, other documents, and applicable additional arrangements specified within the framework of the Site
    • will not use the Site for embezzlement or abuse of other Users (e.g., sale of stolen property, use of stolen credit/debit cards)
    • will not profess themselves as someone or whatever else or misrepresent their details or relations with someone or whatever else
    • will not become involved in spamming or phishing (will not acquire information deceitfully)
    • will not become involved in any other unlawful activity (including crimes, torts, etc.) or encourage or persuade to commit unlawful acts
    • will not become involved in any attempt to reproduce, use, or embezzle any legally reserved ICW address directories, databases, and password lists
    • will not use any computer virus or any other destructive equipment or code to destroy, tamper, intercept or appropriate any software or hardware, data, or personal information whatsoever
    • will not attempt to compromise the integrity of data, systems, or networks used by ICW and/or any other User or gain unauthorized access to such data, systems, or networks
    • will not become involved in any action that might otherwise render ICW or our partners liable, in particular these specified in
  • If the Seller is a business representative of a company, it warrants and certifies that as such a representative he possesses the necessary consents and authorizations from their principal to:
    • act as a sales representative
    • publish the contact details necessary to conduct business
    • a third party will be able to use this data to contact him in matters important in the context of the business activity. In addition, the Seller certifies that third parties may contact the representative without the consent of his principal
  • The Seller agrees to provide all necessary information, materials, and permissions and all reasonable support and cooperation to the ICW customer care department for ICW to provide its services depending on whether or not the Seller has violated the Terms and Conditions and/or a complaint against the User has been filed. If failure to do so is caused by any delay, suspension, or denial of access to any Service, ICW will not be obliged to extend the term of such a service or held liable for any loss or damage caused by such a delay, suspension, or denial.
  • Each Seller and Selling User agrees and acknowledges that they are obliged to act in conformity with all the laws and regulations applicable to themselves, the transaction, and the respective User.
  • Every User warrants and acknowledges that they:
    • accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy and Cookies Policy
    • will not engage in any activity detrimental to the good name and reputation of ICW, which may have a negative effect on the Site or the products and services sold via the Site
    • will not take any actions violating the law in force, contrary to goods practices, rules of social conduct nor detrimental in any way to ICW interests
    • will not use the Site for any money laundering related activities nor for any actions which cause ICW to run the risk of being accused of using the Site for money laundering purposes
    • will not use more than one account for buying; will not use a VPN connection unless it is necessary to run a registered business.
  • The Seller is solely responsible to provide the User being a consumer with the confirmation of the contract concluded, on a durable medium within a reasonable time after the conclusion of the contract as well as fulfilling other documentary obligations resulting from any applicable law.
  • Post-sale-process and conversations with the Sellers and Selling Users. Every Seller and Selling User warrants and acknowledges that they:
    • will use the conversation module to resolve all post-sale issues
    • will observe the rules of due diligence in the conversations; i.e. will respond in the conversations and will not postpone the resolution of the reported issues beyond the actual investigation time
    • will use the conversations tool in good faith, i.e. the Seller and Selling User actively trying to resolve the issues reported by the User, and the User assisting the Seller and the Selling User by providing necessary and proper information
    • will not post, promote or transmit any unlawful, harassing, libelous, harmful, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable material of any kind or nature via the conversation module
    • will not mislead or post false information in the conversations
    • will not cite ICW as the party responsible for resolving post-sales issues, other than in the case of malfunction of the services provided by the digital trading platform to the Users of the services
  • ICW reserves the right to take actions against any party that would be found in breach of terms set forth in section 7.10 above, up to, and including restricting services provided by the platform. For the avoidance of doubt, ICW is not responsible for the contents of the conversations between Sellers, Selling Users, and the Users.




ICW uses the default placement of product offers, which adjusts the order in which they are placed, taking into account the Users’ preferences. Placement takes into account the following factors:

Data about the product offer: i.e., mainly compliance of the product offer description with these Terms and Conditions, the number of product offer views in different time intervals, the number of purchases made as part of a given product offer, the price of the product being the subject of the offer, using the product offer promotion option.Data about the Seller or Selling User: ie. mainly the number of positive and negative opinions, and the percentage of recommendations from Users.

The Seller and Selling User does not have access to all data available to ICW. The Seller and Selling User have free access to data related to activities performed by him/her within the framework of the Site, in particular regarding the quality of sales conducted through the Site, including, among completed orders, canceled orders, and information such as sales quality.

ICW does not provide paid access to sales statistics on the Site. Sales statistics on the Site are stored by ICW also after the termination of the contract with the Seller and Selling User


ICW’s access to Seller and Selling User’s personal data, the rules for this access, as well as the storage period and the rules for deleting such data are set out in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.


Service Fees, Withdrawal

  • The fee to sell VIDEO GAMES on the ICW marketplace is 2%
  • The fee to sell OTHER CODES on the ICW marketplace is 2%
  • Payouts are given 7 days after item(s) have been sold
  • Payout methods: Paypal mass payment (fees may vary), Bank wire (fees may vary), USDC (NO FEE), and Bitcoin (Fee 1%)
  • withdrawal is denominated in USD If you think that there are any errors within your wallet, you have 60 days to report the error
  • from when it occurred to our support for further assistance
  • The minimum Withdrawal on any payment Method is $100.00
  • The account holder has 60 days to report any errors in their wallet to [email protected]