PlayStation Plus Gift Card; Bulk Codes Delivered by Email

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PlayStation Plus Gift Card

Sony redesigned PlayStation Plus in 2022 to combine it with PlayStation Now. There are three tiers to the new service: Essential, Extra, and Premium (or Deluxe for markets without cloud streaming access). Retailers can order PlayStation Plus Gift Card from I Codes Wholesale and receive their codes instantly by email.

These tiers grant users access to online multiplayer, exclusive savings, cloud storage, and other benefits. A PS5 and PS4 Game Catalog, PS Classic Games, time-limited game trials, cloud streaming, and Share Play are all available, depending on your subscription tier. PS5, PS4, and PC users can access the service.

So how can users purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription using prepaid credit and prevent renewals? The best method to accomplish it right now is with PlayStation Plus credit because the service has been combined with PlayStation Now. They can choose their preferred subscription after topping up their PlayStation Store account. Simply enter their digital code to avoid sharing their personal banking information and to stop receiving unexpected charges. If they don’t renew, their subscription simply expires. Purchase it 24/7 online, pay securely using one of our safe payment options, and receive the code in your inbox immediately!

You can also order PlayStation Network gift cards and make a bundle to sell to your customers.

Players worldwide have an incredible opportunity to play together thanks to the PlayStation Plus gift card! But how? What could be more enjoyable than going on a journey with someone else? That is what multiplayer games in an online setting that are accessible through the PS Plus card provide. And that’s only one of the advantages of being a PS Plus member!

How to Activate PlayStation Plus Gift Card

The necessary code activation procedure is the same whether you bought a PSN gift card or a PlayStation Plus gift card. Simply follow the guidelines below to redeem PS Plus codes. Our extensive PlayStation gift cards can enable your customers to add more credit to their PSN accounts. Although PSN is a great service network, it cannot provide the improvements and attractive perks that a PlayStation Plus subscription can. As a result, if your customers want to utilize their PSN service or console fully, they should consider purchasing PS Plus cards!

PlayStation Plus Gift Codes Price

United States | 1 Month $9.99 | 3 Months $24.99 | 12 Months $59.99

The United Kingdom | 1 Month £6.99 | 3 Months £19.99 | 12 Months £49.99

How to Redeem PlayStation Plus Gift Code?

  • Select the PlayStation Store icon on the PS4 system home screen;
  • Once in PlayStation Store, click Redeem Codes at the bottom of the menu;
  • Enter the password from your email address;
  • Select Continue in the dialogue box;
  • Click Confirm to accept the terms and services pop-up;
  • Select Continue to complete PlayStation Plus code activation!

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