League of Legends Gift Cards (Riot Points); Instant Delivery Code

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League of Legends Gift Cards (Riot Points)

Any League of Legends player will value League of Legends Gift Cards (Riot Points). So why not sell some to them? Use the I Codes Wholesale Dashboard to transform this digital gift card into the ideal selling item. You may quickly place an order, print them out, or send them to your customers electronically, possibly along with an Amazon Gift Card, so they can choose the League of Legends gear they want!

Gamers may instantly add the worth of Riot Points to their Riot Games League of Legends account using a gift card. The LoL Gift Card code will be sent to them by email right away. Riot Points are redeemable for champion packs and skins and have no expiration date once used. Let your customers win their battles in style by making an impression with their champions’ distinctive appearance!

League of Legends Gift Cards Features

  • The ideal product for any League of Legends player, whether they are novices or seasoned experts
  • Unlocks in-game currency for purchasing Champions, Skins, Emotes, and other items.
  • Only valid on the United States of America (US) servers.

Buy League of Legends Gift Cards Online

Purchase League of Legends gift cards online and receive your Riot Points codes quickly, 24/7, and without needing a credit card. Fill up your customers’ Riot Games account quickly with enough RP and let them purchase champion skins and other in-game items! Your codes are immediately emailed to you and appear on your ICW dashboard. Riot Point purchases have never been easier. With renewed courage, they can enter the battle arena and compete in style with their team.

To complete your transaction, pick one of our safe payment choices and enter the value you want on digital gift cards. You will receive an email with the codes, invoice, and redemption instructions. Your coupons can be redeemed immediately, allowing you to sell the Riot Points as soon as you purchase. There is no need to wait! Contact our customer service department if you have inquiries or problems redeeming your coupon. They are always willing to assist you.

How to Redeem Riot Points (LoL Gift Cards)

To redeem your League of Legends code, please follow these instructions:

  1. Launch leagueoflegends.com.
  2. Choose “Store” from the menu.
  3. Click the “Account” button in the store’s upper right corner.
  4. Choose “Redeem codes.”
  5. Your credit will be credited to your account once you enter your code!

League of Legends Prepaid Game Cards Terms & Conditions

League of Legends prepaid cards permits you to purchase Riot Points only at the League of Legends Online Store, located within the client. With Riot Points, you may acquire the use of champions, alternate character skins, and other premium virtual items for your League of Legends account from the League of Legends Online Store. Your personal computer must meet specific minimum system requirements to play League of Legends, and these requirements may change. Internet access is required to redeem and play League of Legends. League of Legends Riot Points cards are not redeemable for cash or cash equivalents (except where required by law), have no surrender value, and may not be returned. North American cards are only redeemable for League of Legends on the “North American” server. Except in certain circumstances as required by law, the value of the cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission. Keep your original sales receipt. Unused balances are non-transferable. Upon redemption of the card, you will be required to accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available at leagueoflegends.com, and all use of the card and League of Legends will be subject to those terms. The card’s total value is deducted when you redeem the PIN code. Do not scratch off the hidden PIN code until prompted to do so online. Do not purchase the card if the PIN code is already scratched off. All funds associated with the League of Legends Riot Points card are held and redeemed exclusively by or on behalf of Riot Games, Inc. Riot Games, Inc., and its affiliates make no warranties, express or implied, concerning the League of Legends Riot Points card or any aspect of the leagueoflegends.com website or League of Legends game and disclaim all warranties to the fullest extent permitted by the law. Your sole available remedy shall be the replacement of a League of Legends Riot Points card. Some states do not permit certain disclaimers, and these limitations may not apply to you. Riot Games, Inc. reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions from time to time without notice.

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