How to Sell Gift Cards; How to Make Money from Gift Cards

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How to sell gift cards legitimately

Do you run a small business and consider launching a gift card program? You might lack direction or have a ton of inquiries. It’s natural. We are here at “I Codes Wholesale” to provide you with the information you need to feel confident as you start this thrilling journey to take your business to the next level. We tell you everything about how to sell gift cards legitimately.

Gift cards are popular for a reason, and users can get them almost anywhere: supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, and online sellers like Amazon. As a result, they are a very convenient gift to give and receive throughout the holidays.

However, their widespread availability comes with significant risks, with gift card scams becoming more popular. While purchasing gift cards from legitimate shops and websites is secure (since cards are activated at the time of purchase), you should always avoid websites that advertise as a “gift code generator” or something similar. That is a phishing tactic and a fraudulent claim. So you need to know how to sell gift cards legitimately and, more important, where to buy secure and safe gift cards.

A Short History of Gift Card Companies

First, some background. Many gift card sales and arbitration businesses have struggled financially and closed recently. In some instances, such as The Plastic Merchant, many clients were left with unfinished transactions and lost their money when the company declared bankruptcy in 2019. There was a lot of mystery around the incident, but there wasn’t much that could be done without consumer rules to protect gift card customers. Even Missouri’s attorney general failed to intervene.

Then there’s the BlackHawk Network, which controls almost everything about “gift cards.” You know those tangible gift cards you may buy at your local grocery shop, sometimes near the checkout? That integration is the responsibility of BlackHawk Network, which launched the concept in 2001. Since then, the company has amassed an enviable track record of acquiring gift card exchange and sale websites, but its overall track record is patchy.

How to sell gift cards legitimately
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Buying Gift Cards with I Codes Wholesale

I Codes Wholesale, whose founder has run the business since 2019, has escaped the problems that have occurred in the BlackHawk Network. When purchasing for your business, ICW is the best option. You can choose among +100 brands and sell partially in your store or website. The interface of the ICW dashboard is simple and tells you everything you need to purchase gift cards in bulk.

Remember not to discard your payment confirmation receipt immediately after completing your transaction, as it may take up to a day to verify that your gift card is valid.



If you want to buy gift cards in bulk, I recommend purchasing them directly from the ICW business. It is also an excellent option if you want to buy gift cards for someone else (assume you’re a Purchasing Officer). Remember that purchasing a gift card always carries some risk, and the sooner you use your card, the less likely you are to be stuck with a gift card from a bankrupt middleman.


When it comes to selling gift cards., your website or physical store has the most significant level of ease and trust.  Suppose you immediately activate the codes for your customers or ensure you accept returns of unused gift cards with the receipt. In that case, they will trust you and become your loyal customers. Alternatively, depending on state law, you can redeem gift cards for less than $10, $5, or even $1 for cash at stores.

Bottom Line

A gift card program offers a lot of potential for your small business, providing a fresh approach to generating revenue without sacrificing profitability. A robust gift card program can take your business to the next level, from expanding buying possibilities to recruiting new clients. Before starting or expanding your gift card program, the most crucial step is knowing how to sell gift cards legitimately without legal issues. Buying gift cards bulk from ICW and selling them in your store or website is the safest and sound way to profit.






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