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GoCash Game Card

The GoCash Card is an online game currency. Your customers can use the game card to buy their favorite in-game items or currencies or to customize their characters with cool outfits. The GoCash Game Card will be the preferred currency for gamers who want to play online games. I Codes Wholesale game cards enable users of all ages to access GoCash games easily.

GoCash is wholly focused on online games and the unification of gaming currencies in the online gaming world. Currently, over 80 online games accept GoCash cards as payment methods, which is expected to grow as GoCash grows and expands in the future.

GoCash Game Card Features

GoCash supports a variety of entertaining games, but here are a few of the most popular that you may have heard. Roblox, Path of Exile, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Escape From Tarkov, Smite Online, and more are on the list. You can also check the list of games that accept the GoCash PINs as a payment option. Even if you’ve never heard of them (which is highly unlikely), you should give them a shot!

GoCash Game Cards must be redeemed within one year of purchase. A card’s value must also be redeemed all at once.

GoCash Game Card is region-based. If you don’t buy the game card for the correct region, it won’t work.

This game card is ineligible for use on Steam. As previously stated, it can only be used in games that accept it as a payment method.

How to Buy GoCash Game Card from I Codes Wholesale

You’re only a few clicks away from getting your profit on online gaming prepaid credit PINs! PC gamers highly value the GoCash Game Card. It’s simple and safe to use on a limited number of online games. Online gaming should be simple and enjoyable. Purchase GoCash PIN online from I Codes Wholesale to select your preferred payment method! Your PIN code will be emailed to you immediately, and you can redeem it whenever you want.

How to Redeem GoCash Game Card

Customers can redeem their GoCash Game Card directly on the game portal of the game you want to play (make sure you choose the right publisher for your game). To redeem your PIN, follow these steps:

  • Pick a game on the list.
  • Go to the shop and select the product, in-game content, points, or other you want to pay for with the credit.
  • Select card as a payment option.
  • Select the region your code was bought in (e.g., select US if you purchased your card credit in USD).
  • (optional) select the value of your card – note that you must redeem your card in one go. You cannot save the credit for later.
  • Enter the GoCash PIN you received from us and redeem your credit!


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