GameStop Gift Card is Not Working Online? Here’s the Fix

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GameStop Gift Card is Not Working Online

Receiving a GameStop gift card is always pleasant, but some users have reported that their game gift card is not working online. In this article, we’ll explain how to check if your GameStop gift card may be used online, along with some other helpful general information on online GameStop gift cards. Bulk GameStop gift cards working online are available on I Codes Wholesale.

Check GameStop Online Availability

Gift cards from GameStop may not all be redeemable online. The back of those which are applicable has a scratch-off PIN. The 19-digit card number and this four-digit PIN code are necessary to redeem the card at an online store. On the other hand, PIN codes and card numbers for digital gift certificates and digital gift cards are included in the email sent to the receiver.

Keep the code safe if you receive a digital gift card or certificate. Copy the numbers to a text file or save the email.

What to Do When GameStop Gift Card Not Working Online

The card can only be redeemed by presenting it during a purchase at a physical store if it lacks a scratch-off PIN code. It is not possible to use these cards online.

It should be noted that all digital gift cards can be used both online and in physical stores. When making an online purchase, you can enter your card information, or when purchasing in a physical store, you can show the register your card number, PIN, and card details. But if you get the error and your GameStop gift card is not working online, you must buy digital game cards.

How to Check GameStop Gift Card Balance

By visiting the GameStop Balance Inquiry page, you may check your gift card balance to see how much credit is left on it. On the Balance Inquiry page, enter the card information. To continue, you must have both the card number and the PIN. After entering the information, click Check Balance to see the results.

What to Do with a GameStop Gift Card

A GameStop gift card can be used to pay for any items featured on the GameStop Store page. If the item’s price is less than the card’s remaining balance, it may be used as payment. If you don’t have enough money, you can combine it with other forms of payment. During item checkout, simply move on to the Gift Card & Trade Value menu.

What to Do if You Lost Your GameStop Card

If you lose your GameStop gift card, you can still replace it and get the value of the remaining credit back. The original receipt for the card’s purchase or the original receipt for the transaction it was used on is necessary.

A printout of the order confirmation would do if you used the card to make an online transaction. The amount of credit left on the missing card will be transferred to the replacement card if the supporting documentation is valid.

GameStop Gift Cards Terms & Conditions Highlights

  • Gift cards cannot be converted into cash for their face value. They are also not returnable. The only exception will be if your state has regulations that permit refunds or gift card exchanges.
  • Gift Cards from GameStop do not currently expire. They can be redeemed online or in a physical store as long as they have value.
  • Purchases of physical cards can be made either in person at a GameStop location or online at Cards ordered from’s website will be shipped by first class US mail and arrive within one to two weeks of the order date.
  • Email is used to give digital gift cards or gift certificates that can be redeemed online or at any US GameStop location. Within 48 hours of the payment’s processing, an email with the PIN Code and the Card or Certificate number must be delivered.

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It’s always helpful to be able to use a gift card online. It makes shopping more accessible and less stressful overall. A GameStop gift card or certificate would undoubtedly be appreciated.

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