Facebook Digital Gift Cards For Your Business; The Ultimate Guide

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Facebook Digital Gift Cards

Imagine a Mediterranean restaurant run by a family. It’s well-known in the neighborhood for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious meals. This restaurant is currently unable to provide dine-in service. Facebook Digital Gift Cards is the marketing solution for this business. Let’s find out how!

David, who handles the restaurant’s marketing, wants to make it easier for customers to find and support his establishment. He needs:

  • Increase revenue.
  • Enable his customers to support his restaurant in a new way.
  • Help people discover his restaurant.
  • Limit expenses.

Digital gift cards can help David achieve these goals.

Facebook Digital Gift Cards; Beneficial For Your Business

Digital gift cards can help you:

  • Use posts and Facebook Stories to inform people about your gift cards and business.
  • Allow your customers to support your business.
  • People can also use their gift card in whole or part, encouraging return visits.
  • People can purchase gift cards for others or use them themselves.
  • Make a new connection with your customers:
    • Include a link to a digital gift card on your company’s Facebook page.
  • It will generate revenue when your existing revenue streams are diminished or stopped.

The Benefits of Facebook Digital Gift Cards

  • They enable clients to purchase gift cards online to use at your business.
  • Customers can utilize them immediately or later.
  • Because the gift card is digital, there is no physical card to be lost or stolen.

Key Takeaways

  • Gift cards allow you to earn revenue for your business even when closed.
  • People can support your business by purchasing gift cards.
  • Set up an account with one of our partners to begin selling digital gift cards.

How to Buy Digital Gift Cards

David decides to use digital gift cards to help customers find and support his restaurant. He understands that people want to keep the brands and businesses they care about and that gift cards are one way to do so.

You can share a digital gift card on Facebook so your followers can purchase it. People who click or touch your gift card link can buy your gift card online immediately.

Prepare to Sell Digital Gift Cards

David gathers resources to set up his account before beginning. The specifics differ for every partner, but he always keeps the following information on hand:

Business Information

  • Business email
  • Business name
  • Business type or category
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Bank Account Information

  • Account holder
  • Account type
  • Routing number
  • Account number

Information About the Business Owner

  • Legal name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • SSN or ITIN
  • Phone number

Visual assets

  • Business logo
  • Images for gift cards (optional, but recommended)

Before selling digital gift cards on Facebook, you must set up an account in I Codes Wholesale. When someone clicks or taps your gift card link, they’ll be directed to your partner’s website to buy a gift card from your business.

Start Selling Gift Cards

  • David selects all gift cards or a specific gift card for his restaurant.
  • He sets up his account.
  • He starts selling digital gift cards for his restaurant.
  • Money is deposited into his bank account when he sells a gift card.
  • He can track sales on I Codes Wholesale if he orders gift cards in bulk.

Let Customers Know You’re Selling Gift Cards

To let people know you’re selling gift cards, use your Instagram profile, Facebook Page posts, Facebook and Instagram Stories, call-to-action buttons, Messenger, and other channels.

Attract Business Through Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger may all assist you in reaching out to and engaging with people. The following tactics are free and can help you acquire new customers:

  • Stay in Touch With Your Best Customers

People want to know how they can help their favorite local businesses. Inform them that they can support your business by buying gift cards.

  • Reach New People

Use the publicity surrounding your gift cards to gain new clients.

  • Meet People Where They Are

People are spending more time online than ever before. Meet them where they are: on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.

  • Raise Awareness

You can promote your gift cards on Instagram and Facebook by using posts, Stories, and call-to-action buttons.

Start Making Money Out of Facebook

David made a plan for his restaurant after considering his alternatives. He did the following to market his gift card:

  • He includes a CTA button on his Facebook page.
  • He shares a Facebook Page post with images of his lovely Mediterranean cuisine and a link to buy gift cards.
  • Creates a personalized message for clients who contact him via Messenger:
  • “Thank you for your note! Did you know we sell gift cards for [Name of the Restaurant]? To find out more, follow this link.”
  • Creates a Facebook Story documenting the making of one of his famous recipes, complete with a link to purchase gift cards.

If you want to start a business or promote your business like David, you must order gift cards in bulk from ICW and make your dreams come true.



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