Digital Gift Cards; Everything You Need to Know

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Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards make paying for goods and services more effortless, but did you know that digital gift cards are even more convenient than traditional plastic branded gift cards? This article will teach you all you need to know about Digital Gift Cards.

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are prepaid money cards that can pay for goods and services instead of cash. They are accepted in retail outlets, restaurants, and almost anywhere else.

They come in two varieties: physical cards and electronic gift cards, often known as E-codes and digital gift cards.

But today, we’ll concentrate on digital gift cards.

What Are Digital Gift Cards?

These are also referred to as E-codes and E-gift cards. These are electronic codes purchased online and delivered to your email or phone number.

Retail stores or banks issue these codes, or appropriate venues (for example, restaurants) can be redeemed at these locations or anywhere that takes them. They are used to buy goods and/or services.

Popular digital cards that can be used at the proper stores include Apple gift cards, Steam gift cards, and Google Play gift cards.

It should be noted that some digital codes can only be redeemed online.

What Are Digital Gift Cards
Credit: Disney Gift Card

Benefits of Digital Gift Codes

  1. Freedom to Choose

Digital cards, like all other types of gift vouchers, allow you to buy whatever you want within the amount specified on the card.

  1. More Accessible

They are more convenient than physical cards because the information is stored on your device, and you may access it at any time.

  1. They Cannot be Lost

Unlike physical cards, which might be misplaced, digital codes are ordered online and supplied to your email address or phone number (whatever is specified). The details can be quickly accessed via your device and contact information.

  1. Resellable

It is correct! You can sell Digital Gift Cards for cash through gift card trading platforms. You can start your own digital gift card business. The procedure is simple and quick. Click here for additional information about selling gift cards.

Examples of Egift Cards

  1. Amazon Gift Card
  2. Apple Music Gift Card
  3. Google Play Gift Card
  4. Fortnite (V-Bucks) Gift Card

And so much more!

How to Buy Digital Gift Cards?

Purchasing and sending or selling digital gift cards is simple. Full instructions on using them will be issued to individuals who are lucky enough to receive one. However, for the time being, here’s a basic rundown of how digital gift cards work:

  1. Choose Gift Cards You Want

You’ll find retailers selling various digital gift cards from which you can choose. The I Codes Wholesale digital gift codes store offers a variety of brands, so you can choose the right digital card no matter how picky you are.

  1. Add to Basket

Add your E-gift card to your online basket like any other online transaction.

  1. Fill Payment Information

Check that you have the correct email address for the recipient of your gift card or yourself. The information will be sent to the entered email address when you finish the checkout process.

  1. Check Balance Online

The email will provide instructions on checking the E-gift card balance online, so if you’ve just used it for a modest transaction, you can see how much is still available to spend.


Many businesses now offer digital gift cards, particularly those with a digital storefront and physical location. And there are many reasons why offering digital cards to your clients is not just important but also necessary.


During the holiday season, digital gift cards are the most desired present. While gift cards are ideal for last-minute shoppers, they’re even better for businesses like yours. Customers generally spend more than a gift card is worth, so if you provide digital cards, you’ll undoubtedly see an increase in sales.


With gift cards, you get two clients for the price of one. First, you get the consumer who bought the gift card, which means you’ll make money right away. You also gain a new customer who may not be familiar with your brand. While this new consumer is on your site, you may encourage continuous contact through email and social media to keep them coming back.


Digital cards are both convenient (easily acquired) and secure (unlike real cards, which can be lost or stolen) (the amount is always safe). As a result, digital gift cards aid in developing brand trust.


Digital cards are affordable, and the cost to your business is little, whereas physical cards will incur a cost to your business — sometimes too much of a cost for it to be worth it. This makes it a viable investment for companies of all sizes.


Digital cards can help enhance your local presence for businesses that have a physical store and a digital store. People who use digital cards on your website, for example, can be notified when a physical business has a sale, especially if it’s local to them.


Because digital card sales are easy to trace, especially in your ICodes Wholesale dashboard backend, they can help you forecast future inventories. If you notice that most individuals who buy digital cards prefer a specific card over others, you’ll know to keep it stocked in the future.


Finally, but certainly not least, if you follow through on all of your sales promises — even if giving digital gift cards overburdens your website temporarily with transactions – digital gift codes may and will help you build customer loyalty.


With the rapid advancement of technology, using digital codes and purchasing products has become much smoother and more accessible. People are becoming more interested in this because who doesn’t want a simpler life?

The world is changing, and technology has simplified practically every aspect of our lives, including gifting, buying, and purchasing.

Digital gift codes are a cost-effective and efficient way to improve sales and client loyalty. If you don’t already sell eGift cards on your eCommerce site, now is the time to do it before the busy holiday shopping season begins!

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