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Warranty on Digital Codes

  • I Codes Wholesale cover:
    • Codes that are not active.
    • Codes with an inaccurate balance.
    • Codes delivered as a different brand than ordered.
    • Codes redeem date and time on a few brands only.
  • I Codes Wholesale does not cover:
    • Buyer’s remorse or change of mind.
    • Misinterpretation of card delivery method or timing of delivery.
    • Misinterpretation of how a particular card is redeemed.
    • Codes lost or misplaced by the buyer.
    • Codes merged onto external merchant apps or accounts against Terms & Conditions.
    • Codes that are no longer honored when a retailer goes out of business or files for bankruptcy.
    • Codes that get damaged by the buyer and merchant do not cover the loss or seizes to respond.
    • Anything outside of the merchant’s terms and services.